"Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible."

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! Your selfie popped up on my dash so I was checking out your me tag & there's a picture of you with long green hair wearing a weed choker & the caption is "green power wowowowo my face". I've been looking to dye my hair green for a while, I'm just not sure what brand to use, & I absolutely LOVED the shade of green of your hair in that picture. Would you mind telling me what hair dye you used for it? Also, I've got dark brown hair, would I have to bleach it completely blonde to get that color?

I used Wats Elysee hair mousse, the colour was always turqouise, but after some washes it turns into green in my case and i was happy about both shades (: i have had dark brown hair colour before dying it green and i had to bleach it to blonde first. But my hair is really strong so it didn’t damaged my hair too much. Hope i helped! Love

limosachinseng asked:
JUST so you know, your blog is really cool but I refrained from following you for like three weeks because every day that same skeleton rabbit post would be the one that's recommended and I developed this weird hatred for it. Either way, a different post got recommended so I followed you. Keep doing you you rock don't ever change :*

Thank you, love! Funny story

Anonymous asked:
I bet you have a very interesting and beautiful mind.. It always frustrates me to find people I want to meet for coffee and chat, and yet they are so far away.. anyways, just wanted to say hello

You may text me if you want to, i’m a little bit lonely last weeks so it would be nice. Why does it frustrate you?

Anonymous asked:
fuck yeah girl your blog is so freaking great i love it ♥ u the best ;)

Thank you love!

Anonymous asked:
Ello love, any tips for someone who's new? I love you account, you're quite beautiful :)

What kind of tips do you wanna read? And thank you a lot!

pixie-slut-dust asked:
I found your blog yesterday and I absolutely love it! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Glad you like it! Thanks, love

itsmaldwyn asked:
I hope you find some happiness. Be careful.

Thank you :)


I need somebody from England who wouldn’t mind my shitty english and would go for a coffee with me. Or something. D’:

And i’m staying in Milton Keynes.
Send me a message If you would like to meet, because i can’t reply to hours comments D’:

I need somebody from England who wouldn’t mind my shitty english and would go for a coffee with me. Or something. D’:

Anonymous asked:
you stay alone in england?! vacation?

Yeah, its my summer holiday time



Jimmy Nelson

Before They Pass Away


The most gorgeous and wonderful photoset that’s come across my dash in a while.


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