Anonymous asked:
The post with the girl kissing the mannequin that looks like her is megan fox if you tag her might get you more notes :)

Oh really! I didn’t recognize her haha! Thank you:)

Anonymous asked:
what kind of mascara do u use

Essence Maximum Volume

unega-wendigo asked:
Where do all the platform shoes you post come from? I've been searching for the ones we all used to wear in the 90's, i miss spice girls, and the only ones I've been able to order offline are demonoids, and although I love them, I would like more options. I just can't find any others. Do you know of any makers?

I actually found them on random pages on weheartit :) But i also own some pairs and well - i don’t know where are you from but ebay is always welcome. There are also some polish stores i know where you can get Buffalo shoes - or But if you don’t want to order online so you may search in TK Maxx maybe? Also H&M sells platform sneakers.

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